Joshua Bauer is an IT Specialist with experience working in Church, Education, and Personal IT fields. He started his journey in Tech Support in the home over 10 years ago. Offering support for home internet, computer, and other technology. In 2015 began serving in his local Church and eventually started offering technical support to multiple churches both in the area and remotely. Joshua started a career in 2018 working for a shoe retailer and started traveling to stores in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. With tasks ranging from Store operations, Hiring, Training, Sales, Inventory audits, and Loss prevention. After almost 4 years in retail, Joshua decided to move away from management and pursue his own Tech Business. Offering services from Computer setup and repair, Tech tutoring, and any other tech-related issues the customers had. During this time Joshua also delivered through DoorDash and Uber Eats. And it was in July of 2021 that Joshua was offered a part-time job at his home church to serve as a Technical Support Specialist serving the main service Sunday morning in the audio booth covering Audio, Video (both on screen and Live Stream, Lights, and Post Production, And also supporting other church ministries throughout the week. And in October of 2021, Joshua took on the tasks of Janitorial where he cleaned the church building in preparation for Sunday and Wednesday Service, as well as any other activity that took place at the church. Joshua still serves as the tech specialist but has stepped down from Janitorial to pursue a career in IT Support at a public University.


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